Fairball.com is a personal blog dedicated to all sorts of crazy ideas that come to my mind. The person behind it is me! My name is Francis (AKA Frank) Romero and I am a 43-year-oldĀ sports analyst. It’s not the most entertaining job in the world, I know… But it provides me with a lot of money so I gotta love it! In the next couple of paragraphs, I will do my best to portray the basic things about me and the website. This homepage article is probably going to be quite long so prepare yourself – you are in for quite the ride!

So, without much further adue, let’s start with the first paragraph where I will tell you more about my family and my personal free time!

How do I spend my free time

diy garageI spend most of my free time just like any other middle-aged man – working on stuff in my garage. I’m not your typical DIY person but I still know my way around tools and whatnot. I haven’t had any big projects so far, just some minor repairs in the house and a few makeshift toys for my son Josh. Besides working around the house, I also enjoy playing baseball with my son Josh. Lately, we have been playing less and less since Josh is enjoying his brand new toy. I wouldn’t have bought it if I knew those long range electric scooters will steal him away. I done a in-deep research before buying an electric scooter. Today it’s very important to know what you’re buying, especially if you’re buying online. I heard there are some UL certified electric scooters that are supposed to be safe, so I bought one of those.

My wife Karen sometimes joins in on the fun, but that’s on a rare occasion. She’s more of a house (wife) type, so we are not really pushing her into sports. It is enough that she lets us watch the game every now and then without having to battle her for the remote… And I know that is a huge problem with some families.

Besides baseball, I also love playing golf. Needless to say, that’s a huge cliche. Every man in his 40’s enjoys playing golf these days. It’s the sad, sad truth… But I cannot help it. It is an interesting, fun to play sport. Best of all, it does not require a lot of quick movements or running which is a huge deal for older men such as myself. That is pretty much why I’m beginning to turn into quite the golf fan! As time goes by, I will probably play golf more and more and even end up neglecting baseball… Years do their part indeed, what can I say?!

Is sports analyst a good job?

sportsWell, it is rather difficult to find an answer to this one. If you’re a youngling looking for a first job, then this could be the biggest question on your mind. At the moment, I have around 10 years of experience so I consider myself qualified to explain you the very basics. You see, if you’re looking for a fortune overnight, being a sports analyst isn’t the job with you. When I first started working at 4-4-2, I was on a minimal wage. I had to prove myself as well as my analyzing skills in order to earn more money on a monthly basis. After about a year I got my first big raise of 10%. It was an amazing step up for me at the time… but compared to my current pay, it’s just small change. After 5 years I surpassed my initial monthly payment for more than double the amount.

Long story short… What I am basically trying to show you here is that making a lot of money as a sports analyst takes a lot of time. You will most likely start off with minimum wage the same as me. But, after a while, if you prove yourself worthy to your superiors, there is no doubt they will award you appropriately. Whether it’s more work hours or a bigger hourly salary, that’s up to them.

What is this website all about?

blogAs you can see, there is not so much content on this website. That’s partial because I’ve just started working on it and partially because I was on a vacation for the last couple of weeks. Both reasons are equally responsible for the lack of content. With that being said, in the next month or two I plan on posting very often, probably around 2 times per week.

Most blog posts are going to be sports related. I’m a huge fan of sports if you haven’t realized already, so it is not really surprising that I plan on writing about sports. In addition to sports posts, I also plan on writing about totally relevant things. Things such as work, family, gatherings and regular stuff like that. So, to conclude – fairball.com is going to be just like all other causal blogs out there. Not too complicated, not too simple… and containing a whole lot of sports information. Who knows, I might even make a separate blog section with my predictions for all you gamblers out there!