Just came back from a vacation!!!

thailand vacationWhat a wonderful trip that was! In all my travels I haven’t experienced sights and adventures such as this one! The amount of thrill that this trip provided me was off the charts. It’s amazing just how much you can do in Asia. It’s not surprising as every Asian country is a little bit different but still unique and special.

At first, I visited Thailand and it was incredibly gorgeous and surreal. The sights were something else. I cannot even begin to explain the emotions I felt while visiting the wonderful beaches of the Thai coast. Some truly primal feelings arose which made me feel free. The cuisine is also wonderful. Asian food differs quite a lot from the food I’m used to and I can safely say that all of my senses were activated and enriched.

vacationNext, I visited japan. Now, Japan was something otherworldly. Their culture is so unique, so different… It was hard getting used to it, even though I was there for only a few days. However, I did try some of their native cuisines. It’s a bit hard to take a bite out of something that is technically still alive (they eat a lot of fresh seafood), but once you give it a shot, there’s an explosion of taste in your mouth!

Lastly, I went to China. China was similar to Japan but with a few distinct differences. Chinese people don’t pay so much attention to a specific lifestyle, although they do have one. The food was also nice, very similar to Japanese food.

I’m quite saddened that I had to come back home but I will definitely visit these countries at least one more time! Needless to say, I was not the only one who had fun there. Karen and Josh were enjoying themselves as well, although the vacation left the biggest impression on me…

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Josh got a new toy!

I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I have a 10-year-old son. Now that I think of it, I should probably add that up on my About Me page. With that out of the way, I’d like to start off with my actual blog post.

As the title suggests, I bought Josh a brand new toy to play around with. Although many of you would argue with me that this is not a toy but an actual mean of transportation… for me – it’s a toy.

hoverboard joshIf you did not get it by now (and you probably didn’t since I didn’t put in a single firm clue about what the actual toy could be), I bought Josh a hoverboard. He’s been buzzing about wanting one for at least a year. With him improving his grades, going outside more (we finally drove him away from the PC and those darn video games), I just had to award him with something.

So, this hoverboard that i bought really amazed me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m too fat to get onto it, but it still managed to amaze me nonetheless. How, you wonder… Well, that simple piece of plastic and whatnot manages to entertain my son for well over 2 weeks now. Ever since he got it, he spends every moment playing around with it.

First 3-4 days were spent by practicing. After falling on his ass more than a few times on the very first day, I went to Target and bought him some safety guards, just in case. 2 weeks later, best 10 bucks I ever spent – they’ve saved him a lot of bruises!

swagtron t3The particular model that I purchased is called Swagboard T3. As far as I know, it’s supposed to be a good medium tier model that’s suitable for children of all ages. I know that there are much better (and more expensive) models out there… but come on, Josh is just a 10-year old, he doesn’t need anything faster than this one.

With that being said, I would like to conclude this relatively small blog post. I just wanted to share this story with you guys since my kid really enjoys this. if you’re a parent just like me and you cannot think of a good present for your kid, give hoverboards a go. They’re outright awesome, I tell ya!

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Baseball Isn’t What It Used To be…

This one kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Well, I really don’t know how to start off with this one. I mean, I still love baseball… It’s my favorite sport up to this date, but one thing is for sure – it has definitely lost its charm.

baseball rantDon’t get me wrong – Ozuna, Thames and Kershaw are amazing players. They’re not the issue here. No! There’s something else. Oh, I might just get on with it and not waste your time…

I think USA is investing too much in NHL and NBA these days. It’s true! Aside from that, we’re even seeing more and more of that soccer bullshit that those darn Europeans are trying to force on us. It’s absurd!When you take

When you take into consideration that the first baseball player on Forbes’ Most Paid Athletes List is Clayton Kershaw in 33rd place. Yup, you read that correctly – 33rd place. That’s just reflecting in what kind of state baseball currently is.

I get it, it is a traditional sport that has been slowly dying for decades now… But isn’t there something that could bring it back to life or at least make our children consider choosing it instead of flashy NBA or NHL.

I love baseballPerhaps marketing is the key since we are living in a modern society where ads are getting better and better in controlling the masses. I’d just love a couple of good old baseball commercials aired during Superbowl or a similar grand event. It could be the only way to keep our baseball fields half empty each game.

So that’s that, guys… Sorry if I bothered you with this. It’s just a rant that has been going on in my head for quite awhile now. Since I did not have anything better to do, I decided to share it with ya.

God bless… Frank

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