thailand vacationWhat a wonderful trip that was! In all my travels I haven’t experienced sights and adventures such as this one! The amount of thrill that this trip provided me was off the charts. It’s amazing just how much you can do in Asia. It’s not surprising as every Asian country is a little bit different but still unique and special.

At first, I visited Thailand and it was incredibly gorgeous and surreal. The sights were something else. I cannot even begin to explain the emotions I felt while visiting the wonderful beaches of the Thai coast. Some truly primal feelings arose which made me feel free. The cuisine is also wonderful. Asian food differs quite a lot from the food I’m used to and I can safely say that all of my senses were activated and enriched.

vacationNext, I visited japan. Now, Japan was something otherworldly. Their culture is so unique, so different… It was hard getting used to it, even though I was there for only a few days. However, I did try some of their native cuisines. It’s a bit hard to take a bite out of something that is technically still alive (they eat a lot of fresh seafood), but once you give it a shot, there’s an explosion of taste in your mouth!

Lastly, I went to China. China was similar to Japan but with a few distinct differences. Chinese people don’t pay so much attention to a specific lifestyle, although they do have one. The food was also nice, very similar to Japanese food.

I’m quite saddened that I had to come back home but I will definitely visit these countries at least one more time! Needless to say, I was not the only one who had fun there. Karen and Josh were enjoying themselves as well, although the vacation left the biggest impression on me…